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World first: europaper is the sole sales partner for the first receipt roll without a plastic core
Each of the cash register rolls, which are indispensable for the retail trade, contains a whole four grams of plastic or, more rarely, cardboard due to its core.

The receipt obligation introduced this year and the corresponding increase in plastic and paper consumption lead to an enormous burden on our environment. As a wholesaler of paper rolls and one of the market leaders in Europe, europaper GmbH has secured the exclusive distribution rights to a world first and absolute innovation on the market: the coreless receipt roll.

Environmental and health protection through resource-saving receipt rolls without core

The production and disposal of plastic products in particular is repeatedly criticized - packaging waste in Germany regularly sets negative records. Cash register rolls also contribute to increased environmental pollution due to their core made of plastic or, more rarely, cardboard.

The world's first coreless roll is manufactured completely without this core and thus provides a milestone in the direction of sustainability. In addition to the complete elimination of plastic and cardboard, the coreless receipt roll also impresses with its resource-saving production method: In contrast to rolls with a core, this product innovation allows the paper to be completely printed, thus saving valuable resources. In addition, the coreless receipt rolls are made of BPA-free high quality paper and will soon also be available without phenol, which is particularly important for health protection. As a paper wholesaler, europaper GmbH is aware of its social responsibility and has been relying exclusively on bisphenol-A-free products since the beginning of last year.


Major customers already convinced after short test phase

"The first launched product of coreless rolls is already registering an incredible response after just under four weeks of distribution," says Frank Lunkeit, Managing Director of europaper GmbH. The 80mm x 80mm roll fits into any checkout printer that requires thermal rolls measuring 80mm/80mm/12mm and, in addition to saving four grams of plastic or cardboard core, also saves on the waste that usually occurs at the end of the roll. The high-quality 70-gram paper also ensures a brilliant print image. Another advantage is that its resilience prevents damage in transit, e.g. due to heavy loads or crushing. More than 300 customers, including franchise partners of McDonald's and burgerme, are already enthusiastic about the product innovation after a short test phase and are now purchasing the coreless cash register rolls from the exclusive sales partner. The figures illustrate the success of the concept: the coreless rolls sold so far have saved a total of over 73 kilograms of plastic. If the cores were stacked on top of each other, this would result in a height of just under one and a half kilometers. Other coreless products - including rolls for scales, payment terminals and vending machines - will follow in the coming months: "We hope to build on the success we've had so far," concludes Lunkeit.

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